1.   Is it possible to meet and discuss my project prior to completing the EOI application?

We would recommend an early discussion about your project to ensure that you as an applicant are fully aware of the Cyfenter eligibility criteria and that Cyfenter is the best Investment Fund for your specific project. To arrange a meeting with a member of the Cyfenter Team call the office on 01248 725729.


2.   Is there a closing date?

Cyfenter has not set a closing date for applications. Applicants are welcome to send an Expression of Interest (EOI) application at their convenience. As per point 1, we would recommend a discussion about your project prior to submission of an EOI.


3.   What’s the timescale for applying for Cyfenter?

Expression of Interest Stage - From receiving all the relevant documents the application will be assessed and scored by the Cyfenter Technical Group and a decision will be made in relation to its eligibility within a 6-week period. 

Full Application Stage - If the applicant is successful and invited to complete the Full Application form and produce all the relevant documents the timescale is then in the applicant’s hands. We wish to emphasise that the Cyfenter Team prefer applicants to take their time in completing a detailed Application, Business Plan and three-year cashflow. This is much better than rushing this crucial stage and the project scoring poorly due to applicants not considering all aspects of the project.

From receiving your full application it will be assessed and presented to the next Cyfenter Technical Panel and County Investment Board. We will be in a position to give a decision on the application between 8-12 weeks of receiving all relevant documents (please note that the 8-12 week period will restart if the Cyfenter Team requests any additional information – due to wanting to present a detailed and conclusive description to the Investment Panels).


4.   Can I send an Expression of Interest Application in electronically?

Applicants are welcome to send an Expression of Interest application in electronically but we’ll also need a signed hard copy sent through the post before we can present it to the Cyfenter Technical Group.


5.   How much match-funding do I need?

Applicants need to provide at least 10% of match-funding. Please state that this needs to be classed as clean money, which is from a non-European source.


  6.   What’s ineligible for Cyfenter support?

Ø  Direct expenditure on building and renovation of housing (including affordable housing)

Ø  Services that are the statutory responsibility of central or local government or their agencies are ineligible for support

Ø  Direct support for generalised (school age) statutory education is ineligible;

Ø  Activities in support of the production or primary processing of agricultural, fisheries or forestry products are not eligible for support from the Structural Funds. In this context agricultural products means the products of the soil, of stock farming and of fisheries and products of first stage processing directly related to these products;

Ø  Direct support for health services and local social welfare facilities (hospitals, nursing homes, fire stations, day nurseries, child-minding facilities, sports facilities, parks and public libraries) is ineligible when not directly linked to activities of an economic nature specifically related to the objectives of the Operational Programme;

Ø  Activities which demonstrably displace existing activities are ineligible;

Ø  Activities covered by EC sectoral restrictions are ineligible for support


If you are unsure about the eligibility of your project, please contact the Cyfenter Team for further guidance on project eligibility.


7.   What counts as a Job Created?

This is defined as a job that’s created directly from assistance or financial support from the Cyfenter Fund. This does not include jobs which have been relocated. Jobs will be a new permanent post or seasonal job.

A new permanent post, i.e. there is a reasonable belief that the post has no finite life-time: that it is not of fixed duration. The post itself should be counted, not an estimate of the number of people that may occupy the post over time.

A seasonal job may also be counted, so long as the job is expected to recur indefinitely. In this case the project should report, in addition to number of hours per week, the proportion of the year worked (WEFO, 2004; WEFO, 2004a, p.135).

Jobs should be reported as Full Time Equivalents (FTEs), based on a 30 hour week. For example, if a post involves working 30 hours or more per week then it is 1 FTE. If a job is not full-time, then the hours worked each week will need to be divided by 30 to give the proportion of FTE represented. For example, 18 hours per week would be 0.6 FTE.


  8.   What role does the Cyfenter Technical Group play?

The Cyfenter Technical Group comprises of officers in Menter Môn involved in the delivery of the Cyfenter Project. The Isle of Anglesey County Council’s Specialist European Team Officer (SETS) will provide input at meetings to address issues relating to compliance and EU Convergence funding.

Expression of Interest Stage – Every EOI application is presented to the Cyfenter Technical Group by the Cyfenter Team to be scored to carry out qualitative screening, to ensure applicants meet the basic requirements of the Cyfenter Fund. The score will also discover where the weaknesses are in a project (from the information given in the EOI application). Subject to being eligible the Cyfenter Technical Group will invite the applicant to proceed to the next stage and for further consideration subject to concentrating on certain elements which needs to be strengthened. This advice is purely to help the Social Enterprise develop their project and to submit a strong full application.

Full Application Stage – From receiving all the relevant documents the Cyfenter Team will present the Full Application to the Cyfenter Technical Group, who will deliver a comprehensive assessment of how the application meets the requirements of the fund. Particular attention is focussed on the financial management of applications, through scrutiny of a Business Plan. The Cyfenter Technical Group will then present a recommendation to the County Investment Board in the County the project is based to support or reject investment in the project.


9.   What role does the Cyfenter County Investment Board play?

A County Investement Board has been established in each of the four counties, led by local authorities. The Cyfenter Team will present details of Cyfenter Grant Fund applications to the County Investment Board. This will include details of scoring of projects prepared by the Cyfenter Technical Group. A recommendation will be presented to County Investment Boards for detailed consideration and decision-making.


10.     How long do I have to spend the Cyfenter money?

If applicants are successful on receiving a grant a spend profile will be agreed. All the money needs to be spent by April 2015.




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